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Welcome to the blog!


Here you can find all of my tasty special recipes that I would like to share with you and your family! ENJOY!

By Mom, Dec 14 2017 03:38PM

Holiday Prime Rib … Or just a Saturday night dinner.

After you read my How-To… it will become a Saturday night dinner, because it’s THAT Easy!

I associate family and good times with good food. There is nothing more important to me than sharing a meal with my family. Whether it be just for a weeknight dinner or getting everyone together for a big dinner, the dinner table is where families and memories are made. As I type this, I am getting ready to head to my moms to start prepping for my grandfather’s birthday. I’m really excited because all of my nieces and my nephew will be there. Geesh, Family man, it gets me every time. This meal is dedicated to my gramps. Stormin’ Norman’s birthday is December 12, and we usually celebrate the weekend before his birthday and his meal of choice is Prime Rib. (The man does not fool around with his beef). He likes it how he likes it and that, my friend, is that.

By Mom, Nov 14 2017 02:48PM

So last weekend Joe's dad was up for a visit from Cape Cod. He had this really randy idea that Joe should be sharing a blog of my cooking creations- There are many. After humming and hawing with Joe all week, I agreed to give this blogging thing a go. I hope to touch on some of my family's favorite dishes with you and offer some of the tips that work for me, that I've discovered, that have been passed down to me from my mom, dad, gram and of course, the food network!

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